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Premium and trendy styled stand caddie bag from Crision / Variation Collection

Stable Weight Support
It supports the weight stably, so it doesn't collapse easily even if you don't stretch your legs.
It is easy to use not only in the field but also in the practice field.

Perfect Storage
Store the club conveniently and safely in a five-part structure with a soft lining.
It is designed to allow various storage with a wider storage space such as side pockets.

Hood Cover
Basic hood covers and transparent hood covers!
Choose a new style of nice transparent golf bag cover and use it according to your mood!

Various Strap
A one-touch style that's easy to attach and detach!
A basic straight strap that can be carried on one side and an X-line cross that can be carried on both sides.
It is a soft shoulder strap cushion that reduces shoulder fatigue and minimizes discomfort when moving.

Stand width 11.4 in / Club Hall Width 3.4 in / Club Hall Height 11.4 in / Height 35.4 in /  Height (with Cover) 50 in

Material: PU & Enamel

Weight: 7.71lb

Color: White / Pink

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