[CLAVIS] Bonito Sports Bracelet - Golf, Diet, Yoga, Sports, Lymph Detox [클라비스 원적외선 건강 팔찌 혈액순환 강화, 근육통증 완화 ]


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At Clavis, your health and wellbeing are our top priorities. That is why we are committed to delivering premium quality products specially engineered to help relieve pain and bring you comfort without compromising your health and safety. We are working with specialized equipment suppliers and premium-grade materials to deliver a unique collection of bracelets that use magnetic therapy and other technologies to help you regain your vitality and strength while adding a touch of elegance to your look. Our health jewelry will impress you with the exquisite design, made with carefully selected modern elements that will adorn your attire while supporting natural pain relief and blood circulation improvement.
  • 【Far Infrared Negative Ions Sports Wristband】 Improves blood circulation and blood vessel function, prevents lymphatic blockages, encourages lymphatic drainage, speeds up the body's process of detoxification for efficient weight loss, and uses far infrared and negative ions. With its sporty appearance and ease of watch or other accessory matching, it is perfect for men and women to wear at any event.
  • 【Sporty Sports Design】 Nobody would ever guess this bracelet is therapeutic because it looks great on both men and women! It Can Better Reflect Your Style and Personality. Men and women can comfortably wear the same size and adjust.
  • 【Premium Sports Wristband】 Premium sports balanced energy wristbands assist you better maintain your balance while exercising by increasing your strength and flexibility. Mountain climbing, running, strength training, yoga, etc.
  • 【Perfect Gift for Everyone】 This sport balance bracelet can help you increase strength and the poor condition brought on by lack of exercise if you do not enjoy running, playing ball, or other forms of exercise and lack balancing energy and comfortable stretching. This sport bracelet makes wonderful presents for loved ones, friends, or as couple bracelets for a partner, allowing you to live a healthy lifestyle.

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    - Warranty: For 6 monts following the date of the initial purchase from an authorized dealer, the manufacturer's defects on Clavis are covered by a limited warranty. In essence, we will repair or replace your product for free if any parts or mechanisms fail to function properly and it is our fault. This does not, however, cover any mistreatment you might subject your item to on your own. Water damage, ordinary wear and tear, accident-related damage, scratches, lost items, or theft are not covered by the warranty. Please save your receipt as proof of purchase is necessary for any warranty and service requests.

    사이즈 (Size)  : L 225mm x W 14mm (11g)

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