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AVAJAR Rejuvinating Neck Wrinkle Control Masks

Easy neck wrinkle care a neck cream for the skin

It's easy to take care of with an attached neck cream.

We put the sticky cream texture in the patch.
Now take care of your skin without restrictions on your movement.

Feel the effect of improving neck wrinkles with elastic and moist neck wrinkle care.


Ampoule and cream at once
2 Step Solution

Step 1. After using an ampoule,
Step 2. Whitening and wrinkle improvement dual function using cream.

Main Ingredient

Aquaxyl: The moisture retention of xylitol derived from birch helps moisturize the skin and strengthen the skin barrier. (Step 1)

Fulluran: It helps moisturize by forming a film on the surface of the skin. (Step 2)

12 Types of peptide complex: Helps increase skin elasticity with basic components of protein. (Step 2)


How to use

Step1: Dab ampoule enough on your neck to absorb it.

Step2: Take out the mask pack and put it on your neck.

Step3: After using it for 10-20 minutes, remove it and spread the remaining cream evenly.

* We recommend using it twice a week.

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