[Free shipping] Freshwater Eel Fillet 손질된 민물장어 5팩 (1팩12oz+2팩10oz +2팩8oz)


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 구성 -손질된 민물장어 5백 (1팩12oz+2팩10oz +2팩8oz)



1-Oven at about 400 degrees Bake the eel for about 13 minutes. Turn over once in the middle.

2-After baking for about 13 minutes, apply teriyaki sauce about 3 times and bake for about 10 minutes.

__Air Fryer__

1-Air fryer temperature is about 350 degrees.

2-Bake 7 minutes after setting

3-cut into bite-sized pieces

4-Bake the other side for another 7 minutes

5-Enjoy with your favorite sauce such as salt or teriyaki sauce

__Frying Pan __

1-Cut it in half and bake it. 

2-When it is lightly cooked, cut it into bite-sized pieces with scissors and bake both sides.

3-Enjoy with your favorite sauce such as salt or teriyaki sauce.

*Special Sauce

Add orange or apple, onion, garlic, ginger, green onion, plum syrup, and sugar to soy sauce and boil.

After the boiled soy sauce is cooled, adjust the consistency with ginger soda.

Cut 3 pieces of thawed eel and marinate it in the sauce for about a day, and cook it piece by piece.

* In addition to this, you can eat it in various cooking methods such as steaming, soup, stir-frying, and BBQ.

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