Pleated Stingray Fit Dress 3pc set


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Pleated Stingray Fit Dress 3pc set

Size : Free

Color : Skyblue+Black+Pink

Pleated Dress

an attractive pleat line

Made with a basic design

You can wear it for a long time without going out of fashion

Loose Stingray Fit Dress of Pleated FabricYou can feel cool when wearing it

Pleated dress that even the younger generation likes


If you wear it as a pleated fabric, it fits your body shape

It can feature natural lines

It's made of a fabric with good elasticity that doesn't wrinkle easily

You can wear it neatly anytime, anywhere


with glossy material

It even enhances the luxurious mood

Even for those who are not confident with coding,

An item that will be the point


Volume of pleated fabric

- Feel the luxurious gloss and texture with the pleats fabric processing method


a unique neckline

-The front and rear V-neck lines add to the unique look

The V-neckline that came out neatly makes you look slim


Line to understand women

-Produced as a stingray line,

It helps to cover the body shape when worn

The overfit line that falls naturally helps create a clean fit


Functionality plus comfort

-The two side pockets make it more practical

It's located on the incision line, so it doesn't break the line and creates a natural line



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