THINKWARE 아이나비 Z3000 Plus 2채널 블랙박스 + OBD2 전원 케이블

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Parking Surveillance Mode*

*Requires Hardwiring Cable and installation (professional installation recommended).

Time Lapse

Time Lapse in Parking mode records footage at 2FPS, enabling the dash cam to record long periods of parking surveillance continuously without increasing power consumption.

Energy Saving Mode 2.0

In Energy Saving mode, the dash cam is on standby and initiates recording only if an impact is detected. This allows the dash cam to conserve battery life and increase up to 2 times the total duration of Parking Surveillance mode.

Impact Detection & Motion Detection

Battery Protection

Reliability Features

Integrated Thermal Protection
The integrated Super Capacitors and Thermal Sensor provide added safety and reliability in extreme temperatures.

Anti-File Corruption

THINKWARE’s proprietary Anti-File Corruption Technology improves your Dash Cam’s reliability by protecting your memory card from data corruption and lost footage.

Additional THINKWARE OBD II Power Cable (Non-electric/Non-hybrid)

Enable Parking Surveillance mode without hassle. Designed for easy installation.

Built-in Parking Surveillance Modes

  • Motion Detection
  • Impact Detection
  • Time Lapse Mode*
  • Energy Saving Mode*

NOTE1: Not compatible with electric or hybrid vehicles. Should you wish to unlock Parking Mode functionality, install the dash cam using a THINKWARE Hardwiring Cable.

NOTE2: Not compatible with THINKWARE F550 Dash Cam

*Available on Select Dash Cams

What's in the box

    • Dash Cam
    • Hardwiring Cable
    • 12V Power Cable
    • 32GB MicroSD Card
    • Windshield Mount
    • Adhesive Cable Clips (3ea)
    • CS Contact Information
    • Rear View Camera
    • Rear Cam Cable (length: 6m/19.7ft)
    • THINKWARE OBD II Power Cable (Non-electric/Non-hybrid)