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MEDIHEAL was built upon on the founder’s belief that everyone should be empowered to reach their full beauty potential. It categorizes itself as a “beauty science” company and offers beauty solutions that are more scientific in approach. Through its dedication to ongoing research and development, MEDIHEAL distinguishes itself as a sheet mask brand that values the scientific processes behind these innovative products.

Over the past 10 years, MEDIHEAL has grown from a novel concept to an established global beauty brand with the sole mission: to create an affordable one-sheet solution to your specific and changing daily skincare needs.


Product Contents

Main Contents : MEDIEHAL P.D.F A.C -dressing Ampoule Mask EX. 25ml x 5

Main Contents : MEDIHEAL Teatree Care Solution Essential Mask EX. 24ml x 5

+ Individual Member Photocard Album - MY STORY (Ver.2) 14 photos / Size(mm) : 105 x 175 / 2 photos of each member