[2+1]3 Boxes Hamyang 100% Organic Premium Bitter Melon Tea


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100% organically harvested at the pristine region of Jiri Mountain in Hamyang, South Korea.

Discover the delicious taste and relaxing aroma of premium Bitter Melon tea...
Drink to a better you!

Bitter melon has been linked to controlling blood sugar spikes,
naturally and with no reported side effects. Bitter melon has also been linked to dietary
benefits including aiding with digestion and weight loss.

Contains 100% dried bitter melon pieces meticulously packed into tea bags,
a total of 0.6 grams in each bag. 15 total tea bags.


Enjoy a cup prior, during, or after a meal to help control blood sugar
spikes with food consumption.


1. Place 1 teabag in a cup

2. Pour boiling water into the cup

3. Steep teabag for 3-5 minutes, remove the teabag prior to drinking

4. Enjoy a cup hot or cold

Keep stored in cool temperature, keep away from moisture, and avoid direct sunlight.


This is the most powerful remedy for promoting proper blood sugar levels.
It contains 100% Hamyang sliced and dried Bitter Melon produced directly from the Jirisan
mountains of South Korea, a region known for its mineral-rich soil and pristine
natural environment. The Hamyang Yeoju factory adheres to the highest
standards for food production by the KFDA and HACCP.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended
to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease.

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