[농협 한삼인] 홍삼정스틱 액티브 10ml*30포(30일분) *2세트


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AUTHENTICALLY KOREAN GINSENG - Hansamin is a top brand of red ginseng that is popular in South Korea. The company produces both powder and capsule forms of the supplement, and it is marketed as a way to improve energy levels, immunity, and circulation. Hansamin is made from ginseng roots that are cultivated in Korea, and the company claims that its products are of the highest quality.

CULTIVATED TO PERFECTION - We carefully select 100% domestic 6-year-old red ginseng, in which the nature of the red ginseng depends on the soil, environment, and skills of the grower. Everything from cultivation land selection to production to collection to saponin extraction is thoroughly planned out to ensure that only the finest red ginseng is being utilized.

CREATE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE - With convenient packaging that is perfect for when you are on the go, our Red Ginseng Extract Stick can easily be a part of a healthy daily routine and is ideal for anyone who is looking to make a positive impact on their body to feel refreshed and energized. It's a stick type that is simple to eat and transport. The suggested daily consumption is 1 serving.

NATURAL FLAVOR - With the use of a low-temperature extraction decompression enrichment method, the aroma and soft yet deep flavor of red ginseng are well-preserved. Our product only contains 100% red ginseng concentrate and clean, purified water without the use of any additives and sub-raw materials.

QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST - Nonghyup is known for using superior, 100% natural Korean ingredients in all its products. Ingredients are grown on the best farms in Korea to meet our high standards. Foods are cultivated using all-natural practices and no artificial or chemical fertilizers are used.
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