Forencos Soak Tattoo Tint


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Tint more than a tattoo with the same color as the inside and outside.
Match the outer color and the inner color for a longer time.
Beautiful bright colors from hydrangeas that bloom in early summer.
Vitalizes lips with stronger fluorescent coloring than juice.

True Tattoo finish and Long lasting stain perfect for summer
10 Salt: Going on a beach trip Don't forget your Soak Tattoo Tint in Salt! It's your new BFF to looking like a stunner this summer!
11 Sweety: Not too bright, not too pale. Sweety is the newest addition to your everyday get-up!
12 Hydrangea: Looking effortlessly gorgeous is one lip tint away. Hydrangea is the perfect shade to slaying the day!
13 Ete: Make a statement with Ete, lightweight on the lips but with a color pay-off that's super vivid and lasts all day!

Step 1: Apply the liquid lipstick on your lips.
Step 2: Wait for the stain to dry a bit.
Step 3: Blot it with a tissue until the color no longer comes off
Step 4: Repeat the first three steps until you reach your desired color.


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